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Iron Gate brings a substantial return on your safety investment. We take a practical approach and use technology to cut costs while bolstering the safety of your employees. 

More Efficient Data

Iron Gate gives you the ability to gather all of the safety documentation, training records, qualifications, and certifications in one place without the need for manual entry. This saves you administrative time and produces more accurate records.

Avoid Re-Training 

Iron Gate provides an employee profile for every user in the system. This profile has all of the user's training records and qualification certificates. When employees are transferred internally or re-hired, their records will be accessible saving time and money on re-training.

Efficient Verification

Our Iron Gate Reports area allows for efficient verification of safety records. No more wasting time digging through a file cabinet tracking down paper copies. Your data is downloadable from the cloud with just a few clicks.

Economical Training

Iron Gate allows for consistent training to be available across the company on any device from any location. Our system makes this process more streamlined saving money on travel and man-hours.

Compliance Assurity

If you have ever been part of an OSHA site visit, you know how extensive the request for documents can be. Having to scramble to find records puts you at risk for citations from OSHA or other agencies. These can be expensive and could affect your bidding abilities. With Iron Gate, your documents are just a click away.

Efficient Strategies

By having the data organized at your fingertips, our system helps you determine training needs with lightning speed. Our Real Time Reports provide you with multiple views into your records so you can identify any gaps.

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What Our Clients Say


Robert Carpenter, Safety Manager

"Iron Gate lets us give our onboarding and new hire training on the same day the employee is hired. The reports area let us verify this is completed and provides us a good record."

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