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Ripple Effect

When an injury occurs, it can be physically painful. It can cause us a lot of frustration trying to recover and heal from it. There is also the added effect of embarrassment to us that we go through. I know, I have had a few injuries throughout the years.

After all of the personal pain we might suffer, the injury can also affect our families and our co-workers. They don’t want to see us injured, they care for us and want us to stay safe. Another area besides the physical pain is financial hardship, which can lead to mental or emotional dilemmas within your family as you try and navigate a new stressor in your life.

Injuries cause a RIPPLE EFFECT throughout our families and co-workers. Keep this in mind as you go about your work today. Think about how your parents, your wife, your husband, or your kids would want you to approach your work.

Would they want you to stop and think before you start your work? Yes. Why would they want you to stop and think? Because they love you, and you matter to them.

Why would they want you to take the extra step to prep for the day even though it might seem a little more time consuming? Because they love you, and you matter to them.

Would they want you to write a thorough JHA? Yes. Why? Because in putting in the extra effort on your JHA, your mind is gearing up to think about possible mishaps. You'll be more aware of your surroundings.

Would they want you to follow the JHA? Yes. Why? Because you'll be safe. And that means they won't lose someone they love and care about today.

You and I both know the answer to those questions. Think about the RIPPLE EFFECT and how it would affect the people you care about. Stay involved, stay aware, stay safe.

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