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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How long does it take to set up a website?
A - Most websites can be set up in only 10 business days.


Q - Will all of my employees have access to the system?
A - Yes, each employee will have a unique login name and password. This remains active unless the employee is laid off. Then their profile will become inactive and they will not be able to access the system unless they are reactivated. All of their training and records will remain in the system whether they are active or not.


Q - How do I contact customer service?

A - You can chat with us online or give us a call at 360-713-0433 or email us at:


Q - How much does this system cost?

A - The system is subscription based with a tiered pricing. So depending on the size of your company, the monthly price will vary. There is a one time setup fee to get your website built and customized with your information.

Q - Can I create or add my own training to the system?

A - Yes, the training builder works very similar to PowerPoint and lets you import training courses, add questions and add video links.


Q - Are there any training courses offered by Iron Gate?

A - Yes, we have close to 40 courses that we can add to your website.


Q - Can I add my safety forms and tool box talks to the system?

A - Yes, you can easily add as many of your own forms as you would like with no limit.


Q - Is there a file sharing area?

A - Yes, the "Explore" page allows you to share files and links with your employees. This works great for always knowing where to find the latest and greatest files without compromising internal company files inside your firewall.


Q - Is there programming cost after the initial setup?

A - No, the system allows for non-techy people to manage the site with simple processes. The only time you might see additional programming costs is if you want us to build out a new feature which is very rare.

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