Great Access: How to Improve Your Crew’s Safety


In the past few years, we have heard the term “Extreme Housekeeping.” It means having a place for everything, and everything is in its place. It means raising the standards on our material handling, storage, Conex organization, routing of cords, handling of trash, and more. I ask you, how does your operation look? Would it fit the example of Extreme Housekeeping? I would… (continue reading)

The Best Way to Provide Certainty on the Job


For any workflow to be effective, there needs to be a follow up process in place. I’ve always used the expression: “inspect what you expect.” If you expect your workers to perform a Hazard Analysis before every operation, you should verify it is being done. I’m not talking about doing this in a way that is authoritative, I’m talking about… (continue reading)

How to keep your insurance premiums and safety rates down


In today’s construction world, safety is at the top of everyone’s list. When going after new projects, clients demand a good safety record. A lot of clients will set a ceiling on how high your OSHA Recordable Rate and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) can be, just to allow you to bid on some projects. These numbers are based on incidents where employees get hurt… (continue reading)