What Can You Do to Prevent Unnecessary Risks on the Job?


Have you ever grabbed a tag line and tried to control a load that really wasn’t out of control? Have you ever reached out instinctively and put your hand in a crush point when it didn’t really matter?

People have a tendency to jump in and try to contribute to the operation in a way that may put them in harm’s way when their actions are not necessary. They do not do it because they are careless. They usually do it because they have a strong work ethic and they don’t want to just stand by and watch when they see something can be done.

We need to think about our actions and whether it is a good idea to be positioned where we are and doing what we are doing. Let’s not confuse a willingness to jump in and help with taking unnecessary risks that don’t need to be taken. Let’s instead make it a habit to talk about this as a crew and identify actions that pay no benefit and cost a risk of injury. If we do this more often, we can prevent many unnecessary risks.