The Best Way to Provide Certainty on the Job


For any workflow to be effective, there needs to be a follow up process in place. I’ve always used the expression: “inspect what you expect.” If you expect your workers to perform a Hazard Analysis before every operation, you should verify it is being done. I’m not talking about doing this in a way that is authoritative, I’m talking about doing this as part of the team. Similar to when football coaches look at films from the game. Coaching with the right attitude helps make the team better. Can you imagine how well a team would do if there wasn’t any follow up or study of the game film?

With Iron Gate, the structure is in place to see all of your “game films” in one place. Our robust Reports area lets you track training sessions, safety meetings, inspections, qualifications, and more–all in real time.

No longer will you be trying to gather documents that are in the gang box, in the truck, in the connex, in the office, that the dog ate, or that just got lost. 

No longer will the field supervisor have to make up three-ring binders and print copies for the office, and email copies to managers. 

We’ve seen how it is done and we built a solution to the problem. With Iron Gate, all of the documents are collected into a simple Reports area so the coaches can inspect what they expect and provide a follow up to make the team stronger. This provides a level of certainty that is invaluable in keeping everyone safe.