Great Access: How to Improve Your Crew’s Safety


In the past few years, we have heard the term “Extreme Housekeeping.” It means having a place for everything, and everything is in its place. It means raising the standards on our material handling, storage, Conex organization, routing of cords, handling of trash, and more. I ask you, how does your operation look? Would it fit the example of Extreme Housekeeping?

I would like to promote another idea: “Great Access.” Access is the key to success, so why not take it to a level where we provide the best we can? Great Access is what some of the best and most productive operations have in common. I am not talking about gold plated ladders here–I mean setting up stairs instead of ladders when we can. I’m talking about putting slip resistant material on our gangways, and providing access at the correct height to allow for safer, better body positioning of workers.

Accessing the work can be challenging and it takes everyone working together to find the best solutions. What sounds good in the office may not be practical in the field. Access that is unplanned often puts our people at risk and hurts our production.

Take a good look at your access systems. If you don’t have Great Access yet, I’d encourage you to connect with your crew and improve on it. This is one way we can make sure that everyone goes home safe, every day.