What Do You Need in an Effective Safety System?


The primary goal for all of us is to keep people safe. Everyone wins when we can eliminate injuries and incidents. This is the main focus for the Iron Gate Safety System. 

Iron Gate Safety System was built by construction experts that have real life experience in construction safety. We understand the importance of consistent safety training. Iron Gate has simplified the ability to offer training online from any device, anywhere. This allows your work force to know and understand the safest way to accomplish their tasks, which protects both them and you. 

Iron Gate also emphasizes holding good safety meetings. Within our system you have the ability for the foreman and superintendent to use an iPad app to give these meetings efficiently. All of your safety information is made available to you using the app and it works even when you don’t have a cellular or wifi connection. The forms you can access in the app include: JHAs, work plans, inspections forms, crane lift forms, confined space permits, pre-task meeting, toolbox topics and much more. Having these resources at your fingertips allows for better informed employees and will lead to safer work practices and a reduction of injuries and incidents.

Another very important piece of keeping people safe is having good control over all your employees’ qualifications. Within each employee’s Profile Area, Iron Gate has an infinite ability to keep these qualifications and certifications organized and make them trackable. As qualifications expire, the employees will get notifications directly on their dashboards. When we have qualified people, it further reduces injuries and incidents.

Iron Gate believes that you should inspect what you expect. Our Reports Area is very robust and allows managers to verify that training, safety meetings, inspections, etc. are being done. The ability to actually see the documents allows for acknowledgment and praise or mentoring to take place. By having all of this data available, you can more accurately target what your work force needs to ensure everyone stay safe, every day.

The most important part of an effective safety program is to eliminate injuries and keep your crews safe. When your crews are safe, employee morale increases, your reputation for excellence solidifies, insurance costs go down thanks to a lower EMR, and your ability to bid future projects goes up with a lower OSHA recordable index.

Everyone wins.

Iron Gate Safety can help you get to where you need to be.
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