Where Do You Fit in the Evolution of Safety?


Over the last several years, we have all witnessed the evolution of safety in our industry. Fall protection equipment has become a lot more efficient, effective, and even more comfortable. Safety glasses come in various styles and fit our faces a lot better than they used to. Gloves give us a lot more specific protection depending on what our hazards are.

Our people have also been part of this evolution. We have taken a more proactive role in safety. We no longer say that scratches and scrapes are just part of the business. We have developed a sense of pride in building work and doing it safely.

Our teams have become less tolerant of risk takers and poor practices. No longer do they mind their own business and let stuff happen. Work plans are developed by a good balance of engineering and craft knowledge. JHAs are written and followed by everyone in the crew. 

So, let me ask you, where do you fit in with this evolution thing? Are you one of the leaders who helps the process along or one of the people who fight change? Do you support the campaign where it is unacceptable for anybody to get hurt? Or do you think it’s impossible. 

The evolution is happening right now, and the day is coming when injuries will be a thing of the past. Let us help it along by following good work practices, keeping each other in check and not tolerating unnecessary risks. Hold high standards for your people and do not let them work in an unsafe manner. We all have a responsibility to stop unsafe actions before they result in an injury. Follow the progress and help us get to that day when injuries are behind us.

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